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Property Assessment Information

Click Here to search Onondaga County property assessmentinformation.

The public information contained herein is furnished as a service by Onondaga County Real Property Tax Services. Property and tax information is available for the towns in Onondaga County. The property and owner information is the most current information as provided by the Town Assessors.

Property assessment information may change during the year but does not become final for taxing purposes until the official filing of the town Final Assessment Roll on or about July 1.

The amount of any unpaid tax represents delinquent County / Town taxes which could include unpaid school / village taxes from prior years, and are owed to Onondaga County.

Onondaga County provides this information with the understanding that it is not guaranteed to be accurate, correct, current or complete. Conclusions drawn from this information are the responsibility of the user. Appropriate agencies should be contacted to verify this information. While every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the information, Onondaga County takes no responsibility for errors and omissions. Onondaga County shall not be liable under any circumstances for any claims or damages arising directly or indirectly from information presented herein.

The information obtained from this web site shall not be used for any unlawful purpose. Several categories of information are automatically collected from users and stored in a log file. if necessary, this information can be retrieved and analyzed. Article 156 of the New York state penal law regarding offenses involving computers states that a person is guilty of computer trespass when he knowingly uses a computer or computer service with the intent to commit or attempt to commit or further the commission of any felony. Computer trespass is a class e felony, punishable by a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 4 years in prison.



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